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Sustainable Products

Welcome to Fantail Services Shop, your one-stop destination for a comprehensive range of sustainable products designed to meet your environmental needs.

At Fantail Services we are a company driven by innovation and making the world a cleaner and safer place. We provide only the highest quality technology, in partnership with our affiliates, we strive to always be in the forefront of products and services that decrease environmental cost/footprint.

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Our customer service, hands-on training and fast response times have earned the trust of our clients.

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No need to order sight unseen, we will show up onsite (in South Texas) to demonstrate how our products work.

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At Fantail Services we are always looking for new areas in which we can make a positive impact.

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Absorbent & Containment

Absorbent & Containment Solutions

At Fantail Services, we are committed to making the world a cleaner and safer place, which is why we offer an extensive line of eco-friendly solutions. Explore our collection of nano-fiber absorbents and booms, along with high quality flood barriers, drip trays, and pipe wraps, all meticulously crafted to decrease environmental impact while delivering exceptional performance.


Whether you need to manage spills, prevent floods, or protect your surroundings, our sustainable products are designed to exceed your expectations.


Browse our shop and discover innovative solutions that combine effectiveness with environmental responsibility.

Satisfied Clients

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say

You certainly have the ability to affect others with delivery of your experiences and a knack for sharing in a way that is motivating. I believe anyone who has a speck of morality and a desire to be more, will flourish and grow with education and exposure to your program

Randy Hunter

VP - REC Industries

You certainly exceeded expectations and had raving reviews – you were a favorite among most of our attendees…

Kelsey Copeland

Communication & Events Director

After hearing you and Michael speak, he felt compelled to reach out and check-in. He had a “eureka” moment during your session and felt it was important that he didn’t leave anything unsaid with this employee, and guess what?! That employee is coming back to work for this member.

Lisa Driver, MI

PHCC - TX Austin


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