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Welcome to Fantail Services

Our name and logo are inspired by the small but mighty fantail, which directs ships and windmills to operate at maximum efficiency.

- Direction with Purpose -

Taking inspiration from the fantail, Fantail Services embodies adaptability and responsiveness to changes in the market and business environment. Our purpose is to help businesses stay on track and operate at their full potential by providing solutions that will turn them towards the direction of success.


Our Story

We are family, we are one.

Our journey began when a successful oil and gas Canadian in Texas met a former Top Gun Naval instructor. We quickly discovered that the common reason for our success was the development and betterment of the individuals we manage. The company Fantail Services was soon formed.

The Intersection of Great Leadership & Sustainability

Purpose and Direction

We take inspiration from the adaptable and responsive fantail, representing our commitment to helping businesses operate at their full potential. Our purpose is to provide solutions that give purpose and direction to businesses, keeping them on track towards success.

Our Promise

At Fantail Services, we promise to transform your company culture, turning challenges into opportunities for sustainable growth. Our brand embodies the power of direction and collaboration, like a fantail on a windmill, guiding the blades towards maximum efficiency.

Our Mission: Making a Difference in the World

Looking to enhance your leadership skills and take steps towards a more sustainable future? Look no further than Fantail Services.


Our comprehensive approach includes both leadership development services and a range of eco-friendly products to help your business achieve its environmental goals.

Meet Our Founders

We believe that leaders of an organization must continue to inspire, influence, and develop high-quality and high-performing leaders and teams through a culture of continuous learning.

Investing in personal development builds a more engaged and motivated workforce, leading to higher productivity and job satisfaction. This helps create a culture of learning, leading to better business performance, safety, and environmental sustainability.

We Couldn't Do It Without Our Team

At Fantail Services, our experienced leaders and coaches are dedicated to helping individuals at all levels of your organization find purpose and direction to achieve success in both their professional and personal lives. Whether you're an executive or new to the team, we have the expertise to guide you towards your goals in business and beyond.

Who We Are

Fantail Services is a Veteran owned and operated consulting service employing certified coaches in John MaxwellZig ZiglarResilience Building Leadership and Disc Methodologies of leadership coaching.

Our professional team has decades of experience leading elite military operations and supervising complex operations requiring teamwork and strong leadership.

What We Do

At Fantail Services, we understand the challenges that businesses face in today's complex environment. That's why we partner with you to provide tailored solutions and earn your trust. We work from the top down, aligning your mission and vision, developing communication strategies, and implementing targeted engagement plans focused on leadership and followership.


Our collaborative approach allows us to coach and mentor all levels of your team, driving organizational change and achieving your desired outcomes. Let's work together to navigate the challenges ahead and drive your business towards success.

Why Fantail Services is the Best Choice for Your Business

At Fantail Services, we understand that every business is unique, and therefore requires a customized solution to overcome its challenges.


Our approach is tailored to provide the best outcome for your business through a menu of options that we collaborate with your team to design. Our aim is to help you achieve High-Performance-High Value by offering a personalized solution that meets your needs. Our results speak for themselves as we have helped numerous businesses reduce turnover, retain the best employees, and develop leaders for tomorrow.

By working with us, you can expect a 10-50% return on your investment. So why choose anyone else? Trust Fantail Services to take your business in the direction with purpose, and unlock its full potential.

Our Clients

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