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Gordon Tschritter

Founder / CEO / President

Gordon Tschritter is a highly accomplished and respected leader in the oil and gas drilling and completion industry, he has an unparalleled career spanning over four decades. With extensive experience managing diverse teams in more than 20 countries across the globe, Tschritter has successfully navigated the complexities of cultural and linguistic diversity, building trust and earning the respect of his colleagues. Throughout his career, Tschritter has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership and communication skills, driving his teams to deliver exceptional results in even the most challenging of environments.

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Gordon Tschritter's Accomplishments in the Oil and Gas Industry

Offshore Drilling Management:

Tschritter has managed offshore drilling facilities with a team of 75 to 250 personnel, where safety, efficiency, and teamwork were crucial. He has overseen drilling, completion, and hydrocarbon production activities simultaneously, ensuring that projects were delivered on time and within budget.

Challenging Deep-Water Wells:

Tschritter's leadership skills were demonstrated in his successful management of offshore teams that drilled some of the most challenging wells in the deep-water Gulf of Mexico. These wells reached depths of 37,000+ft in 180 days for a cost of $210 million. Despite the difficulty of the project, Tschritter and his team delivered the wells on budget and in the top quartile of performance, with excellent safety records.

Rig Move and Logistics Services:

Apart from managing drilling facilities and teams, Tschritter also provided full Rig Move and Logistics services. These services ensured that rigs were moved efficiently and effectively, reducing downtime and saving on costs.


Tschritter's leadership experience in the oil and gas industry is backed by certifications from Ziglar Legacy Certified (ZLC) and John Maxwell Certified training. These certifications have equipped Tschritter with additional skills in leadership and team building, making him a valuable asset to any team.


Gordon Tschritter's accomplishments in the oil and gas industry demonstrate his exceptional leadership skills and experience in managing diverse teams, delivering complex projects safely, on time and within budget, and providing quality services to clients. His certifications in leadership training have further equipped him with the skills needed to excel in the leadership development industry.

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