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Ultra-Rapid Boom

The fastest deploying oil boom on the planet™

The oil spill first response system that immediately stops the spread of oil using advanced containment technology. Oil spills cause tremendous damage because of long response times.

The longer it takes, the more the oil spreads causing extensive damage to the environment, infrastructure closure, accumulated cost and public scrutiny.

Our lightweight and portable solution enables deployment within minutes by just two people, drastically reducing spill damage. With immediate containment capabilities, Ultra-Rapid Boom controls the spill at its source, improving clean-up effectiveness.

Product Highlights

  • Portable: Lightweight and portable design supporting a rapid response - containment in minutes not hours.

  • Easy Handling: Easy-to-use and only requires two non-specialized personnel.

  • Convenient: Instead of bringing people and equipment to site after the spill, the equipment is available on site for rapid deployment.

  • Immediate Response: Contain marine oil spills immediately without heavy machinery or trained responders.

  • Better Containment: Improves oil spill response effectiveness by containing oil when the spill occurs and stopping its spread thereby supporting clean-up methods.

  • Reduced Impact: Helps avoid/reduce costly clean-up measures, infrastructure shutdowns, negative press, and regulatory fines.

  • Smart Design: Durable and designed to respond effectively in coastal and inland waterways as well as offshore.

  • Unlimited Length: Contains any size spill with unlimited length capacity.

  • Less Storage Required: Requires 20-33% less storage space than ordinary containment boom. An all-terrain vehicle can carry 500 ft (152.4 m), and a 20 ft container can hold 7,500 ft (2,286 m).

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