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Meet John -
Your Expert in Leadership & Team Building

John Minyard (aka FLASH)

COO, VP, and Co-Founder of Fantail Services LLC

With over four decades of executive leadership and team building experience in high-risk settings, John is dedicated to providing clear direction to help your teams achieve their goals and objectives.

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Retired Pacific Navy Fleet Master Chief 

 and TOPGUN Instructor

As a TOPGUN instructor and then the 15th Fleet Master Chief for the United States Navy Pacific Fleet (the largest fleet command in the world), John led over 140,000 sailors, marines, and civilians before retiring with honorable and faithful service in 2013. He's a graduate and four-year veteran instructor of the US Navy Fighter Weapons School TOPGUN, and an alumnus of the US Senior Enlisted Academy and the National Defense University's Keystone Course.


John is passionate to bring his vast knowledge and experience to the table to assist individuals and teams in achieving their goals in business and life.

Commitment to Success

As Vice President of Fantail Services, John is unwavering in his commitment to providing purpose and direction to ensure the success of your teams. With a passion for improving leadership development and fine-tuning operational methods, John has saved millions of dollars in valuable equipment, property, and most importantly, lives.

Leading Projects Across North America

As a business consultant for the last ten years, John has worked as a Project Manager and Coach, leading projects throughout North America for world-wide oil and gas operations. He is also the Chairman of the Board for Love-Hope-Ranch, a non-profit organization that focuses on healing the invisible wounds of PTS & PTSD among military, first responders, and their families through equine therapy.

Recognized as a Keynote Speaker & Coach of the Year

John's leadership and coaching skills have earned him recognition as "Coach of the Year" among his peers. He is a keynote speaker who speaks on topics such as:

  • Leadership Development

  • Operational Efficiency

  • Team Building

  • PTSD Awareness

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