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Ziglar Coach Leadership Program

Discover How to Lead in Times of Disruption with Coach Leadership

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2-Day Intensive Coach Leadership Workshop

6 Months of 1 on 1 Coaching

Dear Leader,

It's no secret that the last few years have been filled with business disruption, causing people to shift the way they work. But did you know that it's expected that this disruption is only going to increase? That's right, the traditional, top-down leadership style is becoming extinct. In its place, a new kind of leader is needed: 

The Coach Leader.

Is your business facing any of these challenges?
  • Retaining Top Performers

  • Hiring Quality Talent

  • Keeping Employees Engaged

  • Balancing Work and Life

  • Maintaining High Levels of Performance and Productivity

  • Encouraging Collaboration and Innovation Amidst Disruption

  • Supporting Team Members' Autonomy and Flexibility

If so, you're not alone. The disruptions keep coming - from Covid-19 to Remote and Hybrid Work, the Great Resignation and workforce and supply shortages.

I have good news for you:  

Coach Leaders THRIVE in Disruption!

Coach Leaders know we are in the middle of THE GREAT RE-IMAGINATION!

Coach Leaders are able to reimagine the future!


Coach Leaders understand that: 
  • People want to find PURPOSE in their work

  • ​Quality of Life = Quality of Work

  • ​Everything Hinges on Vision and Virtues

  • ​Top Performers crave Accountability and Disdain Control

  • ​Intentional Goals and Growth Coaching conversations are the silver bullet to success

  • ​Long term success means walking out the 10 Virtues



Two BIG ways this workshop is different:

  1. RELEVANT AND TIMELY -  Our workshop is based on 18 months of research, focused on everything that has changed in business since March of 2020 - and how to thrive because of the changes.

  2. EASY TO UNDERSTAND AND IMPLEMENT - Being an effective Coach Leader is not a mystery - it is based on human behavior and easy to implement how-to’s.

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Here's what we'll cover in this
jam packed interactive workshop:

Day 1

Session 1:

The Coach Leader Mindset


  • How to Embrace Disruption

  • ​Growth -vs- Fixed 

  • ​How to Create the Atmosphere

  • ​The Top Performer and Coach Leader Model

Session 2:

The 10 Leadership Virtues

  • Kindness - Be gracious and act with sincerity and goodness.

  • ​Selflessness - How do you split the steak?

  • ​Respect - Give it to get it.

  • ​Humility - Do not be proud or arrogant.

  • ​Self-control - How we face the future.

Day 2

Session 3:

The 10 Leadership Virtues 

  • Positivity - A positive attitude outperforms a negative attitude every time.

  • ​Looking for the best - Expect the best. Prepare for the worst. Maximize what comes.

  • ​Being the light - Lead through darkness.

  • ​Never giving up - Being patient and forbearing.

  • ​Standing firm - Be worthy of trust in tough times.

Session 4:

The Coach Leader Coaching Conversation


  • Do you want to make more money?

  • ​Getting to the big WHY.

  • ​The A x E x S = P Coach Leadership Coaching Process

  • ​The Top Performer Game Plan Form

  • ​Implementing and putting it all together


There's No Such Thing as "One and Done"

At Ziglar, we believe that becoming an effective Coach Leader is not a one-time event but a continuous process of growth and development. That's why our interactive 2-day workshop is just the beginning of your journey towards becoming a successful Coach Leader.


The Coach Leader Coaching sessions that follow the workshop will ensure that you have the ongoing support and guidance you need to put your knowledge into action and achieve lasting results for yourself and your team.


Now it's time to learn, practice, role play, and implement the most valuable skill a Leader can have:  


The Coach Leader Coaching Conversation: Your Most Valuable Skill

As a Coach Leader, one of the most important skills you can possess is the ability to engage in effective coaching conversations with your team members. In this program, you'll learn how to conduct intentional coaching conversations that focus on growth and goal achievement for each individual team member.


Coaching Sessions: What to Expect

When you sign up for the Ziglar Coach Leadership Program, you'll be assigned a Ziglar Certified Coach Leader Coach, who will work with you through 12 coaching sessions over a 6-month period. Here's what you can expect during these sessions:

  • ​60 minutes in length

  • ​Done every two weeks via Zoom

  • ​Primary focus is the growth and goals achievement of team members

  • ​First part of call is accountability of Coach Leader to walking out one of the 10 Virtues

  • ​During the call, the focus is on creating and role-playing a coaching conversation that is centered on goals and growth, specifically tailored to each team member's report to the Coach Leader. To assist in this process, a Coach Leadership Coaching Worksheet (included in a separate document) will be used.

Program Inclusions: What You'll Receive

When you enroll in the Ziglar Coach Leadership Program, you'll receive the following:

  • ​The two-day workshop

  • ​All Workshop Materials

  • ​5 DISC Leadership profiles

  • ​12 Coaching Sessions

Is the Ziglar Coach Leadership Program Right for you and your company?


If you answer YES to any of these questions then you should learn more about the program and schedule a consultation with us.

  1. Are you a Leader or Business Owner responsible for the growth of your business. YES

  2. You have direct reports and it is your responsibility to lead them and help increase their performance. YES

  3. Attracting, developing and retaining Top Performers is essential to your business success. YES

  4. Retention and Turnover are business challenges for you. YES

  5. Remote and Hybrid work teams are part of your business. YES

  6. Stress, Burnout, and Mental Health are concerns facing your team members. YES

  7. Developing future Leaders from within is a goal of your business. YES

According to Gallup, it can cost between 50% to 200% of an employee's pay to replace them. Outdated and poor leadership is the leading cause of losing good employees. Coach Leadership is the solution and retaining just one employee can provide a return on investment of 5 times or more.


John in Hawaii 2 FF7800.png

Meet Your Presenter

Hello! My name is John Minyard.

As a former TOPGUN instructor and the 15th Fleet Master Chief in the United States Navy, I led over 140,000 sailors, marines, and civilians before retiring with honorable and faithful service in 2013. With over ten years of experience as a business consultant and a Project Manager and Coach, I've also led projects throughout North America for international oil and gas operations.


My passion for improving leadership development and fine-tuning operational methods has saved millions of dollars in valuable equipment, property, and most importantly, lives.

I'm committed to providing you, the same purpose and direction to ensure the success of  both you and your teams.


I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

John Minyard (aka Flash)

Co-Founder & VP of Fantail Services 

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The Ziglar Coach Leadership Program: Presented by John Minyard

Become an Effective Coach Leader in Just Two Days

The Ziglar Coach Leadership Program is a 2-day interactive workshop designed to equip individuals with the essential knowledge needed to become an effective Coach Leader. Led by John Minyard, former Navy Fleet Master Chief and TOPGUN Instructor, participants will learn about the Coach Leader Coaching Conversation, which is the most valuable skill a leader can have.

Put Knowledge into Practice with 12 Coaching Sessions

The program also includes 12 follow up coaching sessions over the next six months, to help participants put their newfound knowledge into practice and achieve their team's growth and goals. With a focus on intentional coaching conversations and personalized coaching worksheets, participants will be able to enhance their leadership skills and take their team's performance to the next level.


Join the Ziglar Coach Leadership Program today to become the leader your team deserves...

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The Next Ziglar Coach Leadership Program...

Date: We are flexible to your schedule. 


Location: Your Office in the Greater South Texas Region


Consultation: Consultations are always complimentary. We strive for the "Best Fit" here at the Fantail Services. Consultations are put together to create solutions straight away.


Schedule a consultation with us today to reserve your spot and to determine if an in-house class would be more appropriate. 

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