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ELIMINATOR 6 or 10 is your secret weapon against the dirtiest, greasiest, and most hazardous industrial messes. Say goodbye to the headaches of heavy chemicals and explosive vapors - and hello to the POWER of Green Cleaning!


At Fantail Services, our mission is simple: to provide industries with a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable future. Through continuous research, development, and refinement, we aim to offer innovative solutions that exceed expectations while minimizing environmental impact. Our groundbreaking ELIMINATOR solutions empower businesses to enhance workplace safety, streamline operations, and achieve greater sustainability.

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Welcome to the Forefront of  Industrial Cleaning Innovation!

ELIMINATOR is more than just a cleaning product; it's a testament to scientific innovation and represents the Fantail Services commitment to excellence. Our solution is formulated with advanced 'Micelle Encapsulator Chemistry' (MEC) technology, which allows it to penetrate, emulsify, and encapsulate hydrocarbons effectively.


This unique process not only prevents the release of hazardous vapors but also facilitates the removal of grease, sludge, and contaminants from surfaces, equipment, and industrial environments.

Revolutionizing Tank Cleaning and Decontamination: The Eliminator Advantage

ELIMINATOR 6 or 10 READY TO USE solutions requires no pre-mixing and revolutionize industrial safety and efficiency by combining vapor suppression with degreasing capabilities. Suggested Industry Applications Include:

 Oil & Gas Industry Agriculture Refineries Food Processing Automotive Shops Sports

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Steaming / Foaming

Eliminator is injected into the steam line or pre-mixed into the steamer water tank during a normal steam-out, reducing the need for temporary pumps and waste. It efficiently reduces steam-out time and removes deep-seated hydrocarbons, ensuring safe process vessels.

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Tank Degreasing / Vapor Suppression

Eliminator's dual action of emulsification and encapsulation makes it ideal for degassing and cleaning tanks, vessels, and equipment prior to entry, welding, or other hot work.

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Washing External Surfaces

Eliminator is effective in dissolving and removing heavy hydrocarbon deposits on external surfaces. This allows personnel to work in a safer environment, eliminating concerns associated with low flashpoint solvents and degreasers.


Safety First:

Eliminator effectively suppresses explosive vapors, reducing the risk of ignition and potential harm to personnel and assets.

Time is Money – Save Both:

Traditional methods of vapor elimination can take days or even weeks, causing costly delays. With Eliminator 6/10, your tanks can be cleaned and back in action within hours.

Operational Efficiency:

With its dual functionality of vapor suppression and degreasing, Eliminator streamlines cleaning processes and enhances efficiency.

Environmental Responsibility:

Eliminator's eco-friendly formulation minimizes environmental impact and promotes sustainability and meets requirements for most Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

Versatile Applications:

From oil rigs to manufacturing plants, Eliminator offers comprehensive solutions tailored to diverse industrial needs.

Cost Savings:

By minimizing equipment damage and downtime, Eliminator offers substantial cost savings for businesses.

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Unveiling the KLEAN Science

Harnessing the power of groundbreaking technology, KLEAN utilizes a unique molecule to create a microbial surface armed with barbs and a potent electrical field.


When pathogens encounter this surface, they're met with a formidable defense mechanism, rendering them harmless. This durable nano-coating ensures lasting antimicrobial protection, making it ideal for various applications, from porous to non-porous surfaces.




ELIMINATOR© suppresses explosive vapors, reducing the risk of ignition and potential harm to personnel and assets. By neutralizing volatile hydrocarbons and preventing fires or explosions, it creates a safer work environment for employees and protects valuable equipment.



By minimizing equipment damage and downtime, ELIMINATOR© offers substantial cost savings for businesses. Its dual functionality of vapor suppression and degreasing streamlines cleaning processes, saving time, resources, and operational expenses in the long run.



With its eco-friendly formulation and biodegradable properties, ELIMINATOR© promotes sustainability and minimizes environmental impact. By choosing ELIMINATOR©, businesses demonstrate their commitment to responsible stewardship of natural resources while maintaining efficient and effective cleaning practices and meets most industry (CSR) Corporate Social Responsibility standards.

ELIMNATOR 6 and 10 Practical Applications

These applications demonstrate the versatility and effectiveness of Eliminator across a wide range of industries, providing tailored solutions for various cleaning, degreasing, and vapor suppression needs.

Oil and Gas Industry:​

  1. Rig cleaning

  2. Tank degassing

  3. Pipeline maintenance

  4. Refinery operations

Manufacturing Sector:

  1. Equipment cleaning and decontamination

  2. Machinery maintenance

  3. Industrial floor cleaning

Chemical Manufacturing:

  1. Hazardous material cleanup

  2. Facility decontamination

  3. Process equipment maintenance

Mining Operations:​

  1. Equipment cleaning

  2. Mine site decontamination

  3. Explosive vapor suppression

Maritime Applications:​

  1. Offshore drilling rig maintenance

  2. Ship and vessel cleaning

  3. Port facility decontamination

Emergency Response Services:

  1. Hazardous material spill cleanup

  2. Fire suppression and prevention

  3. Industrial accident response

Agricultural Sector:

  1. Farm equipment cleaning

  2. Crop processing facility maintenance

  3. Agricultural chemical containment and cleanup

Food Processing Industry:

  1. Equipment sanitation

  2. Food production facility cleaning

  3. Waste management and odor control

Automotive Shops:

  1. Vehicle degreasing

  2. Workshop cleaning

  3. Engine and parts cleaning

Heavy Equipment Maintenance:

  1. Construction equipment cleaning

  2. Machinery degreasing

  3. Workshop and garage maintenance

  4. Railcar Degassing

ELIMINATOR Technical Support

At Fantail Services, ELIMNATOR is not just a product; we're a partner in your cleaning journey. Our dedicated team offers comprehensive technical support, from project inception to completion. Whether you need recommendations, project design, or technical training, we're here to ensure your success with ELIMNATOR solutions.

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Contact us today to learn more about how ELIMINATOR can enhance safety protocols and optimize operational efficiency in your operations. Take the first step towards a safer and more secure future with ELIMINATOR -  Experience the POWER of GREEN Cleaning!

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