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Cole Easley

Director of Business Development

In the dynamic realm of business development, Cole Easley stands as a young and enthusiastic maverick, currently charting new territories in eco-friendly products at Fantail Services LLC. His professional journey is not just a series of roles; it's a narrative of growth, innovation, and strategic prowess.

Navigating Business Horizons

Professional Journey

Business Development Manager - Fantail Services LLC Cole brings a fresh perspective and youthful energy to his role at Fantail Services. As a Business Development Manager, his canvas is broad, and his toolkit diverse. From orchestrating sales strategies to navigating the intricate landscape of public health and safety, Cole is the driving force behind the company's forward momentum.

Sales Manager - Roseland Oil and Gas Marketing & Consulting

In a previous chapter, Cole played a pivotal role in shaping the sales narrative at Roseland Oil and Gas Marketing & Consulting. His strategic insights and sales leadership contributed significantly to the company's growth.

Ford Vehicle Service Contract - Dialog Direct Sales Agent: Cole's journey unfolds with a chapter at Dialog Direct, where he donned the hat of a Ford Vehicle Service Contract Sales Agent. Here, he honed his skills in the art and science of sales.

Expertise Snapshot

  • Business Development Support: Cole is not just a spectator in business development; he's an active supporter, ensuring strategies are not just plans but pathways to success.

  • Sales Leadership: His strategic sales leadership has not just contributed to revenue figures but has woven strong client relationships into the fabric of his professional journey.

  • Sector Specialization: Cole's journey is colored with a focus on the nuances of the oil and gas and construction industries, making him an industry-specific asset.

Hybrid Leadership

In his role at Fantail Services, Cole seamlessly blends his skills in surface protection, spill response, and EHS. For him, every challenge is an opportunity to innovate, and every project is a chance to redefine success.

Cole Easley's professional journey is not a series of jobs; it's a story of resilience, strategic acumen, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. His youthfulness and enthusiasm are valuable additions to the innovative spirit at Fantail Services.

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