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Leadership Development


At Fantail Services, we believe in the power of trusted relationships to drive professional development and organizational success. Our collaborative approach to leadership development enables us to coach and mentor all levels of your team, from top executives to front-line workers. By driving organizational change and focusing on achieving your desired outcomes, we help you stay ahead of the competition.

At our core we believe that leadership development should not only focus on individual and organizational growth, but also contribute to a more sustainable future. That's why we integrate sustainable practices and offer a range of eco-friendly products and services designed to minimize environmental impact while driving innovation and growth.

Our leadership team has proven to be

The Fantail Team is made up of highly skilled trainers from some of the most elite leadership programs in the world, including the US Navy Fighter Weapons School TOPGUN. They bring extensive high-risk industry leadership experience, with a focus on safety and productivity, to every coaching and training session.

Guiding to  SUCCESS



Discover Leadership Strengths & Weaknesses

Enhance Teamwork & Personal Growth

Develop Essential Leadership Skills

Streamline Processes & Improve Efficiency

Human Performance Optimization

Coaching & Project Management

Presentation Skills

Case Studies​

Discover the Fantail Services Difference

The Intersection of Great Leadership + Sustainability


At Fantail Services, we're dedicated to protecting your investment in equipment and ensuring safety, through our sustainable product line. With advanced technologies and eco-friendly materials, our innovative solutions provide effective options that prioritize environmental responsibility while enhancing overall safety measures.


Join us in creating a safer, greener future with Fantail Services' sustainable solutions.

*Fantail Services currently supplies to the following industries, and we are constantly finding new areas that we can make a positive impact: Aerospace, Manufacturing, Maritime, Automotive, Airlines, Transportation, Construction, Paint, Chemical, Utility, Oil & Gas, Municipalities, Fire Departments, College Campuses, Large Facilities, Rig Relocation, Logistics and Environmental.

Satisfied Clients

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say

You certainly have the ability to affect others with delivery of your experiences and a knack for sharing in a way that is motivating. I believe anyone who has a speck of morality and a desire to be more, will flourish and grow with education and exposure to your program

Randy Hunter

VP - REC Industries

This has been the most impactful professional development course I have ever attended in my
30-year professional career as both a military officer and entrepreneur. The instruction, content,
and individual feedback was instrumental in accomplishing exactly what was advertised to us.
This is the course everyone should consider for sharpening their professional posture.

Scott Grotbo

Moraine View R&R - Founder & Exec Dir.

After hearing you and Michael speak, he felt compelled to reach out and check-in. He had a “eureka” moment during your session and felt it was important that he didn’t leave anything unsaid with this employee, and guess what?! That employee is coming back to work for this member.

Lisa Driver, MI

PHCC - TX Austin

By working with us, you can expect a 10-50% return on your investment. So why choose anyone else? Trust Fantail Services to take your business the right direction, with purpose, to unlock its full potential.
John Minyard

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18756 Stone Oak Pkwy #200
San Antonio, Texas 78258
+1 210.998.5799
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Spill Kits
LAVA Absorbents
Flood Barriers
Collapsible Berms (Duck Ponds)
Drip Containment
Pipe Wrap


One-on-One Coaching
Group Coaching
Workshop Facilitation
Keynotes & Seminars
Coach Leadership Program
RBLP Certification Training
Conflict Resolution
Presentation Skills Training

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