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DustAde is the newest generation in dust suppression products.


DustAde’s capability to adhere to dust particulates and encase coal provides the ultimate solution to dust suppression and contains ZERO hazardous materials.


• Dust Control Agent

• Keeps dust on the ground

• Maximizes water effectiveness

• Environmentally Formulated and Biodegradable

• Non-Toxic

• Non Corrosive


Repeated use of the most common dust control agents exposes the environment to potentially serious damage. This long term damage increases awareness and subsequent concern of the footprint that chemicals leave behind.


"DustAde takes an environmentally conscious approach to dust control and uses only food-grade and water based ingredients protecting waterways and living organisms."


Suggested Usage:

  • Mining Operations
  • Farm & Agriculture Settings
  • Dirt Tracks & Roads
  • Coal Deposits & Coal Dust
  • Water Truck Operations



Once sprayed into an area containing airborne dust, DustAde reduces the amount of dust particulates by attracting dust through the use of positive and negative charges. Once the DustAde solution attaches itself to the airborne dust particulates, it removes the dust from the atmosphere due to the increased weight. Misted water is less likely to come in contact with dust particulates and therefore limits its effectiveness. DustAde™ reduces the surface tension of the water preventing the formation of heavy droplets.


Apply DustAde in mining operations, farm and agriculture settings, dirt tracks and roads, coal deposits and coal dust. Add DustAde to your water truck operations and DustAde will keep dust on the ground longer than water alone. Maximize water efficiency and minimize water output with DustAde.


DustAde™ Safety Data Sheets (SDS) available upon request. Please email:




DustAde™ Dust Control Agent

SKU: DA-005
  • DustAde™ Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

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