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Say Goodbye to Fluorine, Embrace Effective Firefighting

At Fantail Services, we're thrilled to present the latest breakthrough in firefighting concentrates: FIREBULL A/B. This innovative product was developed with a focus on safety and environmental responsibility.


Here's what makes FIREBULL A/B the ultimate game-changer in the world of firefighting:

Powerful Performance without Fluorine

FIREBULL A/B delivers exceptional results without the use of fluorine or intentionally added PFAS. It closely resembles traditional A/B products in terms of physical characteristics, making it a seamless transition for firefighters. The low viscosity of FIREBULL A/B allows for easy mixing with water and ensures compatibility with Class A and B tanks, pumps, and standard firefighting equipment.


UL Classified for Reliable Extinguishment

With its UL Classification, FIREBULL A/B guarantees top-notch performance in fire extinguishment. It is classified at 0.25% for Class A fires and 0.25% to 3% for Class B fires. What sets FIREBULL A/B apart is its GreenScreen Certified™ status, making it the only firefighting product with UL Classification for both Class A and Class B fires as low as 0.25%. This means fire departments can use significantly less product compared to other available options.


Versatile Applications and Certifications

FIREBULL A/B proves its versatility across various firefighting scenarios. It is effective for extinguishing US/European Class A fires, such as wood, grass, tires, and more, with an initial knockdown at just 0.25%. It also serves as an excellent wetting agent for Class B fires, including non-polar and polar solvents, from gasoline to ethanol. Additionally, it is recommended for US/European Class D fires and EV fires.


Not only does FIREBULL A/B deliver outstanding performance, but it also holds several certifications, including UL Classified Wetting Agent EXE 28900 and GreenScreen Certified™ Silver Firefighting Product. It demonstrates its biodegradability, aquatic toxicity, and bacteria control, ensuring a responsible and effective firefighting solution.


Join us at Fantail Services as we revolutionize firefighting with FIREBULL A/B. Together, let's prioritize safety, environmental sustainability, and unparalleled performance.



  • Part Number FB-AB-005
  • Viscosity 4/60 rpm 20CPS
  • Compatible with all regular and all standard Class A and Class B equipment
  • Excellent extinguishment through Rapid Cooling
  • Effective with Fresh Water, Brakish Water, and Sea Water
  • Applicable for Training at 1%, 3%, and 6% for low, medium, and high expansion
  • GreenScreen Certified™ Silver Firefighting Product
  • UL Certified EXE 28900



  • US/European Class A Fires Wood, Grass, Coal, Tires, Hay, Cotton, Cardboard, Initial Knockdown:
  • Wetting Agent Class B
  • Cars, Trucks, Heavy Equipment:
    0.50% up to 1.0%
  • US Class B, European Class B/C Fires Non-Polar Solvents:
    Gasoline, Gasoline w/10% Ethanol, Jet A, JP4/5/8, Crude Oil, Diesel, Etc. 0.25% to 3% using 0.16gpm/ft² for 10-20 minutes. Reapply as needed.
  • Polar Solvents:
    Ethanol, Gasoline w/85% Ethanol, 6% using .3 GPM/Sq.Ft. for 20-30 minutes. Reapply as needed.
  • US/European Class D fires/EV fires
    Recommended application is 3% or 6% using proper equipment.



  • UL Classified Wetting Agent IN ACCORDANCE WITH ANSI/NFPA 18 EXE 28900
  • GreenScreen Certified™ Silver Firefighting Product
  • Viscosity 4/60 rpm 20CPS
  • Biodegrability: BOD28 = 83.8%
  • Aquatic Toxicity OECD #201 Alga LC50 > 10mg/L
  • Aquatic Toxicity OECD #202 Dapnia EC50 > 204 mg/L
  • Aquatic Toxicity OECD #203 Fish LC50 > 339 mg/L
  • Bacteria: DIN EN ISO 38412-3: 1.5 ml/l


Shelf Life

Unlimited Shelf Life when stored in original, sealed containers at recommended temperature.


Shipping Information

Available in 5 gal pails, 55 gallon drums, and totes.


Physical Properties

AppearanceClear Liquid
Viscosity 4/60 rpm20 CPS
Density, g/ml1.018
Expansion Ratio7.5
25% Drain Time min:sec3:26
Surface Tension, dynes/cm33.0
Wetting Agents - Pour Point0°C (26.6°F)
Wetting Agents - Miscibility in WaterMiscible at 0.25% and 3%
Wetting Agents - SeparationNo separation
Wetting Agents - Impact of Low Temperature on Surface Tension26.9 dynes/cm at 0.25% 26.7 dynes/cm at 3%
Wetting Agents - pH7.1
Wetting Agents - Viscosity4.83 cps at 2°C (35°F) 2.97 cps at 18°C (65°F) 1.54 cps at 49°C (120°F)
Wetting Agent Solutions - Surface Tension28.0 dynes/cm at 0.25% 27.6 dynes/cm at 3%
Wetting Agent Solutions - Separation on StandingNo separation at 0.25% or 3%
FIRE EXTINGUISHMENT0.25% for Class A fires in ordinary combustibles and 0.25-3% for Class B fires in flammable or combustible liquids that are not soluble in water and ordinarily stored at atmospheric temperatures and pressures



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FIREBULL A/B - The Game-Changer in Fluorine-Free Firefighting

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