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KLEAN Surface Protection Program: A Scientific Case Study


In the pursuit of reducing bacterial contaminants in healthcare facilities, the KLEAN Surface Protection Program stands as a beacon of scientific innovation.


Endorsed by leading microbiologist Paul J. Pearce PhD, Specialist in Microbiology, American Society of Clinical Pathologists, Board of Certification, this program offers a robust solution to combat bacterial outbreaks in healthcare settings.

Study Goal:

The primary objective of the study was to mitigate bacterial contamination in healthcare facilities, recognizing the critical importance of safeguarding patients and staff from infections. Traditional cleaning methods, reliant solely on disinfectants, have proven inadequate in this regard.

Summarized Results:

60 days post-application of KLEAN Surface Protection Program:

  • Pre-KLEAN Treatment: 68% of samples contained microorganisms.

  • Post-KLEAN Treatment: 87% of previously positive areas showed no presence of microorganisms.

Sampling Site Analysis:

  • ER Room 19 (Exam Light Lamp):

    • Pre-KLEAN Treatment: High level of Bile Tolerant Gram Negative Bacilli detected.

    • Post-KLEAN Treatment: No specified microorganisms detected after 60 days.

  • ER Room 1 (Crib/Bed Sheets):

    • Pre-KLEAN Treatment: Bile Tolerant Gram Negative Bacilli and Fungi/Mold detected.

    • Post-KLEAN Treatment: No specified microorganisms detected after 60 days.

Results Indicate:

An 81% improvement in bacterial contaminant reduction.

Study Methodology:

  • Third-party study conducted at a premier hospital in the northeast.

  • Evaluation based on designated PASS/FAIL criteria.

  • Protocols included adherence to hospital SOP, single application of KLEAN, organism identification, and compliance with regulatory guidelines.

Application Process:

KLEAN's surface solution creates a durable micro biostatic barrier on all treated surfaces, applied using foggers and electrostatic sprayers. This comprehensive approach ensures coverage on both porous and non-porous surfaces.

Key Takeaways:

  • Significant reduction in bacterial contaminants, surpassing traditional disinfectant methods by 81%.

  • Non-disruptive application process, with minimal waiting time for staff and patients.

  • 100% safe, non-toxic, alcohol-free, water-based solutions ensure safety for all.


The KLEAN Surface Protection Program emerges as a scientifically validated solution to combat bacterial contamination in healthcare facilities. With its efficacy, safety, and minimal disruption to daily operations, it sets a new standard in infection control, fostering a healthier environment for all.

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