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Fantail Services Spill Kits include Spill Bully and Infysorb absorbents can be used for preventing and handling of environmental challenges such as: oil spills, wastewater processing, oil sludge treatment, paint spills, industrial cleaning and water evaporation prevention.


About this item


  • CONVENIENT KIT: Spill Kit XL Contains (10) Large Absorbent Pillows, (6) Granular Absorbent Pillows, (6) Water Absorbing Snakes, (1) Safety Gloves (1) Safety Goggles, (1) Disposal Liner, (1) Hazardous Waste Label
  • SUSTAINABLE AND EFFICIENT: Absorbents are made from Lava Rock (Basalt) Fiber which is extremely absorbent and also one of the most abundant and sustainable natural resources available.
  • 3X MORE ABSORBENT: than alternative materials
  • WATERPROOF DRY BAG: Combats condensation and allows for easy storage
  • HIGHLY VISIBLE: Improves Safety Awareness with crew


(10) Large Absorbent Pillows
(6) Granular Absorbent Pillows
(6) Absorbent Socks
(1) Safety Gloves
(1) Safety Goggles
(1) Disposal Liner
(1) Hazardous Waste Label

Product Features

  • Engineered for rapid response – 3X Faster Absorption
  • Portable – Lightweight design
  • Sustainable – All natural solutions
  • Eco-friendly  – Reduces plastics by up to 95%
  • Flexible for easy storage – Store 8/pallet
  • Waterproof – Combats condensation
  • High Visibility Exterior – Improves safety awareness
  • Highly absorbent – 3X more than alternatives


Weight432 oz
Dimensions22 × 26 × 30 in
Spill Kit Usage

Universal, Oil Only, Acid, Paint

XL Spill Kit - Absorbs Up to 6o Gallons - Water, Oil, Acid, & Paint

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