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Fantail Services Spill Kits include Spill Bully and Infysorb absorbents can be used for preventing and handling of environmental challenges such as: oil spills, wastewater processing, oil sludge treatment, paint spills, industrial cleaning and water evaporation prevention.


Contents of Kit:

(1) Large Absorbent Pillows
(1) Medium Absorbent Pillows
(4) Small Absorbent Pillows
(1) Absorbent Sock
(1) Safety Gloves
(1) Safety Goggles
(1) Disposal Liner
(1) Hazardous Waste Label


Product Features

  • Engineered for rapid response – 3X Faster Absorption
  • Portable – Lightweight design
  • Sustainable – All natural solutions
  • Eco-friendly  – Reduces plastics by up to 95%
  • Flexible for easy storage – Store 50/pallet
  • Waterproof – Combats condensation
  • High Visibility Exterior – Improves safety awareness
  • Highly absorbent – 3X more than alternatives


Weight48 oz
Dimensions16 × 8 in
Spill Kit Usage

Universal, Oil Only, Acid, Paint


Small Spill Kit – Absorbs up to 8 Gallons of Oil & Chemicals (Including acids)

SKU: SK2.5
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