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The CAFS 10 is an extremely versatile 10-gallon portable firefighting system that utilizes high-energy compressed air foam technology. With its compact design and exceptional performance, it is a reliable tool for various firefighting applications.


Recommended FIREBULL Fluorine Free Products for Maximum Performance

Fantail Services recommends using FIREBULL Fluorine Free products in conjunction with the Enforcer 10 for optimal performance. The combination of the CAFS 10 and FIREBULL foam ensures efficient fire suppression while minimizing environmental impact.


UL 711 20:B Certified and Efficient Foam Production

The CAFS 10 holds the prestigious UL 711 20:B certification, attesting to its adherence to strict industry standards. This certification guarantees reliable performance and safety. The CAFS 10 is equipped with a unique small CAFS system that contains 10 gallons of foam solution, allowing for extended firefighting operations. It can produce up to 200 U.S. gallons of finished foam, ensuring effective fire suppression.


Foam Structure and Discharge Distance for Enhanced Safety

The CAFS 10 generates a foam structure that adheres to horizontal and vertical surfaces, creating a vital vapor barrier between the fuel and air. This feature enhances fire control and containment. With a discharge distance of up to 45 feet, the CAFS 10 enables operators to maintain a safe distance from the fire or hazard, ensuring their safety during firefighting operations.


User-Friendly Design with Enhanced Durability

Fnatail Services exclusive  line of products, including the CAFS 10, are designed to be user-friendly and highly durable. The system incorporates innovative components to reduce the risk of breakage or tampering, ensuring reliability in critical situations.


Versatility and Compact Footprint

The CAFS 10 is a versatile firefighting tool that can be adapted to various risk areas. Its compact footprint allows for easy mounting and use in tight spaces. The unit comes with 75 feet of hose, providing the flexibility to reach fires within 100 feet of the unit in any direction. It can be utilized in both mobile and non-mobile applications, such as ATV, UTV, SUV, trucks, trailers, heavy rescues, and heavy agricultural and earthmoving equipment.


Key Features and Performance Specifications


  • Pressure Vessel Construction: Aluminum SAE J-10
  • Pressure Vessel Dimensions: 12"x25"
  • Fill Tower: 1 ½"
  • System Hoses: 3000psi Hard Rubber Hose
  • Discharge Hose: 70 Foot ½" Hose
  • Hose Storage: Manual Hose Reel
  • Propellant Type: Nitrogen or Compressed Air
  • Propellant Cylinder Capacity: One 33 Cubic FT Nitrogen Cylinder
  • Discharge Nozzle: Pistol Grip
  • Discharge Nozzle Tip: Straight Bore



  • Pressure Vessel Capacity: 10 U.S Gallons
  • Finished Foam Capacity: Up to 200 U.S. Gallons Finished Foam
  • Throw Distance: Up to 45 Feet
  • Discharge Duration: Up to 2 ½ Minutes

Additional Application Notes and Accessories

For specific application needs, the CAFS 10 can be customized with additional accessories, including extra nitrogen or air cylinders for extended operations and a protective cover for enhanced durability. Additionally, a nitrogen to compressed air adaptor is available for those preferring compressed air as the propellant.

CAFS 10 - Portable Firefighting System: Makes 200 gallons of foam:

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